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What to do in the event of a fire?

Jak postępować w trakcie pożaru?

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What to do in the event of a fire? Each of us can find ourselves in a dangerous situation, for example, when a fire breaks out. However, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to behave and, for example, how to use handy fire-fighting equipment. These are usually quite logical schemes, but sometimes it’s hard to think logically when the fire is roaring next to us. That’s why it’s worth remembering what to do when you’re in a burning building.

How to behave during a fire?

It is rather an unimaginable situation for us and we do not expect that we will ever find ourselves in a situation where a fire threatens us. We watch such cases on TV, listen to them on the radio, and at the same time we learn how important it is to have handy fire-fighting equipment even at home. However, we never take it seriously enough to think that the fire could also affect us. Sometimes we do not even expect that we are in a building that may be at risk of fire. Its source can be really anything. Even a small mistake can cause the fire to spread quickly throughout the building. Do we then know what to do and where some basic fire-fighting equipment is located?

First of all, we should have a certain pattern of action in our head and some common behavior that will help us make the right decisions. We should definitely learn that when, for example, we enter a large building, it is worth looking around at the beginning to see if there is an evacuation plan, an evacuation route and if there is a map showing where the fire equipment is located. . which can be used by us if necessary. This is a behavior we should get into the habit of. Sometimes it is enough to just take a look and we will know exactly what to do and which way to go if necessary. This will allow us to calm down a bit when something dangerous happens.

Unfortunately, we are used to the fact that such plates hang almost everywhere and we do not think that they can ever be useful to us. However, when it comes to a dangerous situation, we suddenly don’t know what to do and we regret that we didn’t take advantage of the situation earlier to get some information. Even if we think that we will not remember this escape route anyway, we may get stuck in our heads how to go more or less, and also more or less in which corner of the building there is some fire-fighting equipment. Even the knowledge that we have sought such information can lift our spirits a little.

If, unfortunately, we will be in a situation where a fire suddenly breaks out near us, in the building where we are located, then above all we should remain calm. Let’s look around quickly to see if there is a sign somewhere that will inform us about the escape route, or a sign that there is fire protection equipment somewhere nearby. We should remember this and, above all, take care of our own safety.
If we know that nothing threatens us for now, it is worth alerting all the rest of the people who may be nearby, in rooms that may also be covered by fire. However, it should not be done haphazardly. We should remain calm, because then these people will also be calmer.

Once everyone in our vicinity knows about the fire, it’s time to inform the services that can help us. From the discovery of the fire to the call to the emergency number, no more than a few dozen seconds should pass. Usually we will connect with the dispatcher in a dozen or so seconds. As soon as we manage to do it, we should inform him exactly what happened and where, on which floor, which side of the building is more or less and how dangerous the situation is. This information is the most important at the beginning, because if we manage to provide it quickly, the services can at least quickly find out where to go. It may be that unfortunately the connection will be interrupted for some reason, but at least the rescuers will know that something is going on in this particular place. The rest of the conversation should tell you about the wounded and your name. If we forget something, we will probably be asked about it by the dispatcher anyway. If we give all the information, we shouldn’t hang up anyway. Only the dispatcher can do this, as he may have additional questions for us at any time.

When we finish the conversation, we can try to put out the fire with hand-held fire-fighting equipment. or simply take shelter if possible, or try to get out of the building. It is important to ensure as much security as possible. Fire is dangerous and sometimes it is not the fire that threatens our lives, but the fumes generated during combustion. So let’s try to protect ourselves from them, and maybe everything will end well.

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