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Wedding dress – not necessarily a big expense

Suknia ślubna – niekoniecznie duży wydatek

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Wedding dress – not necessarily a big expense – buying a wedding dress is an event that excites most of us. After all, since childhood, we imagine ourselves as princesses in white tulles, who have a romantic fairy-tale wedding with their dream prince. Unfortunately, the reality is a bit different and when adulthood comes, the bubbles of illusion burst. Problems begin, and one of them is financial issues.

The purchase of a wedding dress is sometimes an expense of several thousand zlotys, and if you add all the costs that go to the organization of the wedding, you can fall into serious doubts about the whole undertaking. Especially that we will wear such a dress once in our lives during the wedding, or later for a wedding photo session. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the cost of buying a wedding dress. In the following article, we will present alternative approaches to this large expense that will make us feel good and look beautiful and festive for much less money. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with its content, especially those future brides who cannot afford such a large purchase.

Used wedding dress

Buying back used wedding dresses for several times smaller amounts is becoming more and more popular among future brides. At online auctions, we will find a lot of ads in which women are selling undamaged, looking like new wedding dresses. After all, worn once or twice, they didn’t even have time to wear out. So we can buy a beautiful wedding dress, which may have cost the first owner a lot of money, several times cheaper, because it is known that a used dress will not be sold for the price of a new one.

It is also profitable for the seller to lower the price so that it is competitive and tempting for the potential buyer. Otherwise, she will only have to hang it in the wardrobe as a beautiful souvenir, but nowadays more and more people decide on a more practical solution, i.e. selling such a dress. The costs of such a large expense will pay off at least in part, and we will also have no problem finding a place for such a large piece of clothing. That’s why it’s really worth looking around online auctions and following emerging ads. There is a good chance that we will be able to find something corresponding to our imagination and our size. However, the latter is not at all necessary, which we will write about in the next section.

Tailoring corrections – adjust the wedding dress to yourself

You may not be able to find a used wedding dress that will perfectly suit your figure and beauty. Let’s face it, it’s unlikely, given how different we all are. However, all is not lost yet. Sometimes all it takes is minor tailoring adjustments, thanks to which you can make the necessary adjustments for little money and adjust someone’s old dress to the new circumstances in which it happened to find itself.

Maybe just a little narrowing the dress at the waist to make it fit perfectly? Or narrow it down a bit in the shoulders? Find a good seamstress who will expertly assess what activities will improve the appearance of the dress on you and have her make them. You will be surprised at the effects that a few small corrections made by a professional hand can bring. However, take into account that not everything can be changed and if the dress is too narrow, it will be rather difficult to make it wider so that it still looks good. Also, pay attention to possible faults – ripped lace or tulle can be difficult to repair, and after this treatment look inelegant. However, while there are some flaws when buying used wedding dresses, don’t take this as a rule – you can buy a used wedding dress in really great condition.

Be patient when looking for a used wedding dress

Of course, searching for a used wedding dress that will fit us requires much more patience than similar searches in wedding salons. It is also good to be flexible and keep in mind that we care primarily about reducing costs. So we have to be open to compromises and not be too stubborn in our ideas of the perfect look. Of course, there’s a chance we’ll find something perfect, but it’s small, and sometimes we just have to take what’s there, deciding it’s good enough.

Therefore, this solution when choosing a wedding dress is rather for those women who focus more on the spiritual dimension of their wedding day, and not on the fact that photos from the wedding give the deepest admiration and envy of everyone around. If we take into account what is really the most important thing on the wedding day, whether our wedding dress is made of lace or satin will not concern us very much. And so we will look the most beautiful if we have a smile of happiness on our face, regardless of what wedding dress and for how much we are wearing.

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