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The benefits of doing sports – why choose horse riding?

Korzyści płynące z uprawiania sportu - czyli dlaczego zdecydować się na jeździectwo?

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The benefits of doing sports – why choose horse riding? We live in times when we are accompanied by stress and constant pursuit. Sometimes in this whole race we forget what is really important. We don’t spend time with family, we don’t care about our health or mood. It is worth stopping for a moment and thinking “what is really important and what can I do for myself?”.

Research has proven that regular exercise releases endorphins, reduces stress and improves overall well-being. Contact with animals works in a similar way, and the combination of these two things can bring really great benefits to our health!

Why is it worth starting an adventure with equestrianism?

Surely we have often wondered what sport will be the most pleasant. Not all of us like long, tiring hours spent running or in the gym. Combining relaxation with effort is absolutely possible if you decide to go horseback riding. Riding teaches cooperation with another being and respect for it. Mutual dependence has a positive effect on patience and calmness – it is especially useful when we start this sport at the youngest possible age; on its basis our character will be shaped.

The horse, as a strong and huge animal, must want to cooperate with us. We won’t be able to tame him by force, because we have much less strength, so we have to encourage him to work with us. It teaches love and understanding of the other side. Contact with nature and animals allows you to calm down and spend a nice time outdoors. The stable is also a place where we can meet wonderful people; helpful and friendly, who will surely be happy to familiarize us with the secrets of this sport. After all, there are more and more equestrian enthusiasts; equestrian shops expand their offers year after year, meeting the increased interest.

Where to start?

The adventure with equestrian should start with finding a good stable. Here, several issues are important, above all, how animals are treated. Unfortunately, in many stables they work for a long time, and when they are no longer able to earn their keep, they are sold to a trader. It is worth paying attention to whether the boxes are clean and the horses spend enough time outdoors – they are animals that need exercise and cannot spend their entire lives in a cramped box.

You also need to consider whether the instructor really pays us a lot of attention; that he is not talking to others or on the phone while driving. In order to learn something, we must work hard. Shopping at the equestrian shop is also important . Of course, if we are going for the first ride, we do not need to have professional equipment, but over time it will definitely come in handy. Comfort and safety while riding are extremely important and affect our general well-being and speed of development.

Virtually every equestrian shop offers breeches, i.e. riding pants, chaps that allow you to better hold on to the saddle, as well as helmets that will keep you safe during a possible fall. Remember that a horse is a large, strong animal, so when shopping, it is also worth choosing a protective vest that will further minimize possible injuries. Horse riding is a sport that causes quite a lot of injuries, so it is important to take the best care of your safety. In addition to all these issues, a good attitude and a willingness to learn are of course important! Let us remember that Rome was not built in a day; probably the beginnings will be extremely difficult, and we will have moments of doubt and breakdowns.

How to develop in this sport?

Of course, at the beginning we just have to learn to control the horse, lead it in three basic gaits and hold on in the event of a possible spooking, which happens quite often. Later, however, it is worth thinking about development; you can’t stand still all your life. Horse riding is a beautiful sport that gives you the opportunity to participate in jumping or dressage competitions. Before such competitions, you need to visit an equestrian shopand buy the necessary accessories. You have to look good during the competition. We must have white breeches and a tailcoat that will make us up to the level of this task. Remember not to jump into deep water right away. There are several classes to choose from in jumping competitions. It is best to start with the lowest and gradually increase the ambition of your goals.

In addition to taking part in competitions, development will also be ensured by buying your own horse. However, this is a responsible decision that should be carefully considered. Of course, our own mount will bring us a lot of positives, but also duties from which we will not be able to free ourselves. In addition to keeping him at the boarding house and nice shopping at the equestrian shop , we will also need funds for the vet and farrier who must visit the horse regularly. However, owning a mount is a beautiful thing that requires dedication and great courage!

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