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Nursing homes – how to talk to the elderly

Domy opieki – jak rozmawiać z osobami starszymi

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Nursing homes – how to talk to the elderly and what can such a center guarantee? Every year, nursing homes are becoming more and more popular in our country. More and more seniors cannot cope on their own and need help in everyday life. Relatives of the elderly must decide whether they can care for the elderly themselves or whether home care is a better option.

Conversely, such a center may be a good choice and does not imply a reduction in the quality of life. It has many benefits for the mental state and health of the elderly. It is important, however, that seniors go to professional facilities that employ qualified staff.

How to talk to seniors about nursing homes?

Most seniors cannot imagine living in such a facility. The new situation was very difficult for them and caused a lot of fear and anxiety. Older people tend to think about such institutions differently, often incorrectly. They have dark thoughts and even panic. Unfamiliar surroundings can surprise them, which is why it is so important to speak calmly about the retirement home.

Nursing homes – how to talk to the elderly and what can such a center guarantee?

If our loved one is terribly afraid of living in a nursing home, we cannot force him to convince him that this is the best solution for him. The older person may not think so and will eventually leave the house and move to another place full of strangers. It is worth talking calmly with seniors about their current situation and the many problems they face on a daily basis. First of all, you should patiently listen to any fears of your predecessors. Reminding older people of past events is also a good idea due to the lack of qualified care. Then it is possible that seniors will consider his situation and consider a nursing home. Perhaps he will come to the conclusion that he will be able to use the help of a lifeguard or a nurse at any time in a nursing home.

Joint visit to a nursing home

If an elderly person cannot imagine living in such a center and believes many stereotypes about these places, the best solution may be to go with them to a nursing home. Then he will see the ward’s apartment, learn about the various activities that he will be able to take advantage of, and understand the atmosphere of such a center. It is important that the residents are happy and that the staff is polite and willing to help. Comparing nursing homes to nursing homes is worthwhile if, for various reasons, seniors are unable to attend such visits. Thanks to this, he can imagine what a full-day cycle looks like. Sometimes older adults refuse to move into nursing homes because they fear rejection by their family. That is why it is so important to reassure loved ones how you feel. It’s also a good idea to plan your visit. A longer visit is a good solution at the beginning of the move, thanks to which it is easier for the elderly person to adapt to the changes introduced in their lives. The topic should also be raised so that seniors do not feel rejected and unwelcome under any circumstances. If we are still afraid and do not know how to turn the conversation about nursing homes, the help of a psychologist can help. He will show us the right course of action and give us many helpful tips on how to deal with seniors.

What should a care home provide?

1. Perfect security

In the increasingly unhealthy physical and intellectual condition of an elderly person, they are unable to function independently. There is also the safety of such a person, then a nursing home is a good solution. If we choose a facility that also accepts people with oncological disease, impaired consciousness or dementia, it must have a special intensive care unit for them. Safety is quite a broad concept, but it should cover both nursing and medical care. Buildings where seniors live must also be adapted to their needs and capabilities. Professional nursing homes should be equipped with corridor rails, large lifts, stretchers and disabled toilets. Interior design should be easy to locate. Common areas should be monitored,

2. Professional care 24/7

Importantly, the center provides 24-hour care and medical services, as well as the possibility of organizing the assistance of various external experts. The staff should consist of geriatricians, medical caregivers and specially qualified nursing staff. The staff must also include psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and physiotherapists.

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