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First visit to the equestrian shop

Pierwsza wizyta w sklepie dla jeźdźców

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The first visit to the equestrian shop – equestrianism is one of the oldest sports disciplines practiced in our country. Horse riding is a sport for everyone – for young and old, for women and men, what is more, it is very often an element of rehabilitation. Love for horses turns into a passion to which we want to devote every free moment, which is why horse lovers sign up for horse riding classes.

In the further part of the article you will find information that will help you prepare for your first horse riding. In addition, we will tell you how much equestrian equipment costs and what individual elements are worth investing at the very beginning.

How to properly prepare for horse riding lessons?

Your first horse riding lessons will take place in two weeks? Are you excited and at the same time full of fear? Wondering how to prepare for this great event? You know the saying – “haste is the worst advisor”? The most common mistake made by a beginner jockey or jockey is going to an equestrian shop to buy a professional riding outfit. Less in mind that the first horse riding lesson is of a kind of familiarization nature, but if it turns out that this sport is not for you, you will not be left with the feeling that you have thrown a lot of money down the drain.

The outfit for the first class should be comfortable and comfortable, the most important are pants, shoes and headgear.
Horse riding pants are popularly called breeches, you can find them not only in equestrian shops, but also in most popular sports shops. The breeches are made of a flexible and airy material, their main characteristic is the lack of seams connecting the material that would hurt you while riding.
Shoes, on the other hand, should be long enough, preferably below the knee, so that they protect the calves against abrasions and bruises.

At the end, we will talk about the most important thing – head protection, i.e. a toque – it is a professional headgear for every rider, protecting the head against mechanical injuries. During the first class, you will be able to rent a toque at the horse farm, where horse riding will take place. Be sure to ask the instructor for help in fitting the cap properly – it can’t be too small or too big. Only the perfectly matched one will guarantee your safety and protection!

Is riding equipment expensive?

Unfortunately, horseback riding is quite an expensive hobby. The price of full equipment for the rider and the horse may exceed even PLN 10,000. As you can see, the sum is not small, fortunately, in this case, professional equipment is not an obligation, but only a kind of convenience. There are many brands and manufacturers on the market that create and produce clothing and other accessories for horse riding. Shops for riders are equipped with equipment for both amateurs and professionals. For example, in the store you will find an inexpensive universal saddle for PLN 500 as well as professional ones, dedicated to a specific riding technique for PLN 5,000.

Is horse riding your passion and a way to spend your free time? Don’t give up on your dreams, instead of expensive and fashionable items of clothing, put on much cheaper ones that will guarantee you a comfortable and comfortable ride. Clothes are not everything, in this case, your riding skills in particular play a big role.

Is it better to buy in-store or online?

There is no clear answer to this question, both in-store and online shopping have their pros and cons. Starting with traditional stationary shops for riders, there are few in Poland, they are located largely in larger cities where there are horse studs. What’s more, the prices for the equipment are much higher and the offer is much poorer than in online stores. The advantage, however, is that in cooperation with professional service you will be able to buy equipment perfectly suited to your needs. So where is better to buy? We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t encourage you to take advantage of the offer of online stores. On the Internet you will find several shops selling professional equestrian equipment. Prices are much lower here and the selection is much larger,

Now that you know what you will need during your first horse riding lessons, the first visit to the equestrian shop will be successful and your shopping will be one of the most successful ones. As a beginner who treats horse riding as a form of relaxation, you do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment and equipment. Choose products of good quality, but those at affordable prices, universal and practical, intended for the so-called. all-round driving. As your riding skills progress, expand your riding wardrobe.

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