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Are you starting your professional adventure with transport? – find out important information related to the OCP of the carrier!

Rozpoczynasz zawodową przygodę z transportem? - poznaj ważne informacje związane z OCP przewoźnika!

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Are you starting your professional adventure with transport? – find out important information related to the OCP of the carrier! Each carrier absolutely must take care of appropriate insurance, which is required by the regulations in force in a given country. However, in Poland, many entities use special liability insurance for the carrier, which is not mandatory at all, but is simply voluntary. The OCP of the carrier guarantees protection for both companies and any legal persons that provide services as part of the carriage of goods and road transport. What is worth knowing about this type of insurance?

How does the carrier’s OCP work?

Additional carrier’s OCP is a great solution when transporting goods. Secures and protects against any unexpected situations during transport. In the event that, for example, there are any delays in delivery due to damage, theft or accident of the goods, the insurance policy guarantees a refund. Of course, compensation is paid to the injured party in this whole situation. The popularity of this type of insurance policy is not accidental. This is a guarantee, thanks to which we can be sure that the transport will not be unlucky. It covers the period from the very receipt of the goods by the carrier. Then it ends only when the recipient receives the goods. If during this time there are any difficulties, such as those listed above, the OCP of the carrierprotects any financial losses and the injured party will receive the money due.

Where can I purchase the Carrier’s OCP?

Currently, most insurance companies offer carrier’s OCP. However, it is known that depending on the insurer, the terms of the entire policy can vary significantly. Hence, the policy in one insurance company may differ significantly from the offer of another company. It is therefore worth making a final decision on the purchase of insurance, making sure of the terms and costs associated with it. Here it is worth paying attention to the amount of compensation and other amounts that the insurer may cover and pay to the victim. Currently, everything is so technologically advanced, and thus also convenient, that a special OCP form can be found on the websites of individual insurance companies. After completing it, the right people will certainly contact us. Then the consultant or insurance agent will provide us with all the details regarding both the conditions and the costs associated with itcarrier’s OCP.

Does the carrier’s OCP apply in every country?

These types of questions are often asked by people who are interested in purchasing carrier insurance. Here it should be mentioned right away that everything depends on the individual insurer and insurance conditions. Of course, from the perspective of a carrier who carries out orders all over Europe, it is worth taking care of insurance that would cover both domestic and international transport. In the case of carriers who only drive within the territory of Poland, there is no such need and the carrier’s national OCP is sufficient . Of course, the costs associated with insuring only domestic transport will be much lower than in the case of also insuring foreign goods. However, such a guarantee is often worth every penny, so as not to regret that we did not spend this little money in relation to the risk of damaging the entire goods during transport.

Additional conditions imposed by insurers

We mentioned above that each insurer sets slightly different conditions for the carrier to be compensated. For this reason, we should always read the carrier’s OCP regulations. Sometimes there are slight differences in the terms and conditions between the offers of insurance companies, which, however, can have serious consequences when it comes to paying compensation. An example may be the provision in some insurance policies that events that took place in unguarded car parks are not subject to compensation. A seemingly trivial matter, but it can have serious consequences. There can be many more such conditions and precautions that must be observed and, above all, you should be aware of them. For this reason, it is worth reviewing all the terms and conditions carefully before making the final choice as to the carrier’s insurance.

Is it worth buying additional OCP of the carrier?

This question bothers many people related to transport. At the beginning, everyone tries to avoid unnecessary costs, and as you know, carrier insurance is not mandatory. However, in fact, over time and the experience gained in transport, many people appreciate the possibility of buying the carrier’s OCP. Often, during the transport of goods, completely unpredictable situations occur, and then only this type of insurance saves us from incurring huge financial losses. OCP of the carrier should certainly be heartily recommended to everyone, both to people moving only in Poland, as well as to carriers plying also outside our country!

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