Active recreation by the water

Aktywny wypoczynek nad wodą

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Active holidays by the water: during the summer, many families face the dilemma of choosing the perfect place to spend their holidays. The classic question of whether we are going to the seaside or to the mountains this year is asked by both children and parents. How to make holidays appealing to amateurs of spending time actively in the mountains as well as those who love sandy beaches and blissful bathing among the waves? A compromise that will delight everyone seems to be spending holidays by the sea, but … in an extremely active style.

Active on the water

When we go to seaside resorts, we usually assume blissful laziness, taking water and sun baths, and passive rest. Meanwhile, fans of spending time actively can find great ways to have an absolutely unique, unforgettable holiday by the seaside. Attractive water sports are offered by more and more professional companies that provide not only the necessary equipment, but also preparatory courses. Many of them also offer classes with the youngest. Diving courses for children take place individually or in a group and provide not only learning new, extremely interesting skills. They also give children a whole lot of great fun!

Most popular activities

Being at the seaside, we can decide to try various water sports. Some of them require more preparation and skills, others encourage with slightly smaller requirements. We prefer to try our hand at two types of water sports – wakesurfing and diving.

Trendy wakesurfing

Wakesurfing is one of the water sports that provide stronger sensations. To a large extent, it resembles classic surfing, but it is distinguished by the right equipment and technique, as well as the fact that artificially generated waves can be used for it. Wakesurfing boards have been created for greater maneuverability and the possibility of obtaining higher speeds. That’s why so many people love this sport. Sun, waves and quite a lot of fun! Wakesurfing usually takes place on the waves created by special motorboats. They can generate waves with appropriate parameters. The most modern motorboats used for wakesurfing are equipped with the latest technological solutions. In this way, you can program the length and height of the wave produced by the motorboat.

An extraordinary diving adventure

One of the most frequently mentioned attractions that can be classified as water sports is diving. Most of us want to experience the sensations that only the underwater world can provide at least once in our lives. We watch films in which we see how many treasures are waiting to be discovered at the bottom of the sea, how experienced divers explore sunken wrecks or entire cities, reminiscent of the mythical Atlantis. Children in many fairy tales had the opportunity to see what the underwater world looks like, how unusual creatures inhabit it and how many shells, pearls and other treasures can be found under water. So when we are on vacation at the seaside and suddenly we see the opportunity to take part in a diving course – it turns out that our dreams are at our fingertips.

Diving requires a basic diving course. There are many companies by the sea that offer professional activities, moreover, most of them also offer diving courses for children. Thanks to this, we can spend time with the whole family in an attractive way and provide ourselves with extraordinary holiday memories. Diving also allows you to learn concentration, breath control (which turns out to be a valuable example of a relaxation technique), and coordination. After a summer diving course, often whole families decide to continue learning in their place of residence. Usually, the next vacation turns out to be a great excuse for another underwater adventure.

Extreme diving

Some decide to take a diving course thinking that in the future they will be able to take a trip that guarantees extremely strong emotions. Among water sports, there are those that certainly belong to the group of extreme activities. In various places around the world, there is the opportunity to dive among whales, killer whales, sharks and crocodiles. Such sport is undoubtedly the domain of only the bravest people. For some, it is a dream come true, and diving with turtles or among beautiful, exotic fish is not an encouraging enough prospect.

Reflections on whether we should spend our holidays at the seaside or in the mountains are actually an excuse to decide whether we will spend this time actively or rather lazily. Even the most enthusiastic tourists will sooner or later decide to indulge in a bit of laziness. However, a trip to the seaside with the assumption that this year we will start practicing water sports, we will combine active rest with blissful rest, is the most reasonable way to ensure smiles on the lips of all family members and bring back unique, family memories from holidays.

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